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PHSO Reviews: "The Bad, The Worse & The Ugly"

Well, you have already seen Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust's reviews, which are very poor. So isn't it ridiculous, that the ombudsman tasked with investigating them are likewise very bad. Mr Behrens, there is zero excuse. There is no public confidence in PHSO because you are failing the public.

The reviews speak for themselves, 50 reviews for their London office:

And this is their Manchester office, only 20 reviews but still poor:

Whereas Trust Pilot has a healthy 117 reviews. But of course PHSO always says these reviews are not representative:

So we may as well add in media articles, showing a consistent theme, which has continued well into Rob Behren's time as ombudsman, so he can't blame his predecessor Julie Mellor:

"The People's Ombudsman - How it Failed Us" (Patients Association Report, November 2014)

"NHS ombudsman 'failing families'" (November 2014)

"PHSO Labyrinth of Bureaucracy" (Patients Association Report, March 2015)

"PHSO Follow-Up Report" (Patients Association Report, December 2016)

"Health Watchdog Accused by Patients of Taking NHS's Side" (March 2015)

"NHS Watchdog Staff Rude, Dismissive, Insensitive" (January 2017)

"Cumberlege report confirms PHSO ineffective in protecting patients from harm" (July 2020)

"Healthcare Needs an Ombudsman" (August 2020)


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