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Proof I am Autistic

What is a quantitative electroencephalogram (qEEG)? ("...the ASD group showed significantly higher absolute delta...", "A spectral analysis as well as a coherence analysis was performed. In this experiment, ASD group showed an elevated relative theta", "alpha power was higher in ASD group than in the controls in all regions") Notable findings in my qEEG were (bearing in mind I have ASD and ADHD):


excess in right-central region into frontal and parietal regions



excess in posterior and parietal, frontal-right and frontal occipital regions



excess in right hemisphere



excess in right-central region



excess communications in right-frontal and right posterior-temporal regions too little communications in left temporal, frontal, central and parietal regions



slowed communication between frontal lobe left to temporal regions speeded communications between right-frontal to right posterior temporal/occipital regions



Graph showing qEEG colour scale for normal and abnormal 

2019-08-18 18.23.09 48b45

An image from my qEEG brain scan showing red, orange and yellow abnormalities (green is normal and the further you get away from green the more abnormal as per the scale alongside).

27Hz qEEG.jpg

Highlighted screenshots from my qEEG report which show all the deficits in accordance with ASD and this is irrefutable medical proof even without the remainder of my evidence:

qEEG report quote #1.jpg
qEEG report quote #2.jpg
qEEG report quote #3.jpg
qEEG report quote #4.jpg

Just one of many research articles, that correlates with my above results (compare the graphics in this article to mine above and see proof that I have an autistic brain):

"Connecting Electroencephalography Profiles with the Gamma-Amino-Butyric Acid (GABA) Neuropathology of Autism as a Prelude to Treatment"

Letter from the doctor who conducted my qEEG, confirming what my results show:

qEEG letter.png

This is just the confirmation of my clinical Asperger's diagnosis letter, for confidentiality reasons I obviously can't post the diagnostic report:

Dr Arthur's diagnosis letter.jpg

Childhood EEG report following tonic-clonic seizures, showing abnormal result (incidentally, I was told by one of my parents that I had what sounded like absence seizures as a baby, that are undocumented as I wasn't taken to the doctor at the time. I was told I would stare blankly and sometimes roll my eyes). Epileptic seizures are much more common in autistics than typical people ("Clinical characteristics of children with autism spectrum disorder and co-occurring epilepsy" The doctor described these seizures as "epileptiform":

Childhood EEG results redacted P1.jpg
Childhood EEG results redacted P2.jpg

This research validates these results as being typical for autistic children:

"Clinical characteristics of children and young adults with co-occurring autism spectrum disorder and epilepsy"

"There is evidence of abnormal EEGs (especially epileptiform abnormalities) in children with ASD even in the absence of clinical seizures"

This research article specifically names the same type of EEG abnormality I had:

"Epilepsy and EEG Findings in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders"

"There are no specific epileptiform EEG patterns known in ASD patients yet. These EEG changes can show the following: slowing, asymmetry, spikes, sharp and slow waves, generalized sharp and slow waves..."

Further, in addition to the above, I have two children diagnosed autistic (none on my spouse's side of the family and autism is 83% heritable ); I have a sibling with diagnosed schizophrenia (all NHS diagnoses) which puts me at 300% increased risk of ASD according to research: "Autism Linked to Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder"

"Investigations at the University of North Carolina (UNC), in Chapel Hill, found that children whose parents or siblings (first-degree relatives) suffered from either schizophrenia or BPD were more likely to go on and develop ASD. The investigation found that children whose first-degree siblings suffered from schizophrenia and BPD were about 300 percent more likely to develop autism or related conditions than kids whose families had no history of mental illness."

Additional Evidence:


  1. I was diagnosed (NHS) in 2020 with #ADHD which is another neurodevelopmental disorder (my qEEG report said my brain patterns were seen in ADHD and my autistic children also have ADHD), up to 80% of autistics also have ADHD and like ASD, it's heritable!

  2. I have an independent (from my ASD diagnosis) diagnosis of sensory processing disorder (diagnosed by a Specialist Occupational Therapist DipCot, BSc (Hons) Sensory Integration Practitioner Registered with HCPC, Member BAOT/COT, in 2016, following extensive testing) which is well-known to be integral to ASD (e.g. visual hypersensitivity, auditory hypersensitivity, tactile hypersensitivity/ exteroception, interoception, gustatory hypersensitivity, olfactory hypersensitivity, proprioception difficulties and vestibular difficulties).

  3. I have a diagnosis of Ehlers Danlos syndrome (received in 2014) which many autistics have. This diagnosis was made by Professor Rodney Grahame the world-renowned rheumatological expert in EDS - but get this - Hugo Critchley, the 2nd SPFT clinician who failed to diagnose my Asperger's, has co-authored more than one paper"(Our findings suggest that processes compromising function in neuro-developmental conditions may occur in individuals with hypermobility") on the connection between EDS and ASD in which he cited Professor Rodney Grahame's work! Here's a second one he co-authored where he referenced Prof Grahame's work: "Psychiatric and psychological aspects in the Ehlers–Danlos syndromes" quote:"...growing evidence that JHSh/hEDS is also associated with depression, eating, and neuro‐developmental disorders..." so it's unbelievable, that I have yet another condition linked to ASD diagnosed by someone whose work he references on the connections - and he still (he and other SPFT staff were informed of my EDS diagnosis) is refusing to admit he got it wrong (despite highly substandard assessments by himself and Dr Nick Medford and the lack of evidence of either of them having ASD training).

  4. Every single test I have ever undertaken show me to be autistic, aside from the 8 differential tests Dr Arthur did. I have taken part in multiple research studies and always scored on everything as autistic.

  5. Discovered by taking part as a research participant, I have synaesthesia ("Synaesthesia may be 'more common' in autism"

  6. I score for having Meares Irlen syndrome (also known as scotopic sensitivity and which many autistics have

  7. I have misophonia, which is an emotional reaction to hearing people chew, crunch, sniff, certain coughs etc. and is linked to sensory processing disorder and ASD.

  8. I have vestibular migraine (migraines are associated with ASD: "The presence of migraines and its association with sensory hyperreactivity and anxiety symptomatology in children with autism spectrum disorder"

  9. As a child I suffered from Alice-in-Wonderland syndrome (a migraine-related visual distortion related to perceptions of size and distance, which I only recently discovered the name of, during a neurological consultation) and research shows this can be related to ASD: "Atypical Symptoms in Migraine-Related Alice in Wonderland Syndrome: Expansion of the Phenotype and Reflection on the Pathomechanism"​"...certain background traits may play a role in the development of migraine-related AIWS, e.g., autism spectrum disorders...".

  10. I have a diagnosis of Klippel-Feil Syndrome (a rare congenital segmentation anomaly of the cervical vertebrae with other defects) which has a potential link to ASD: KFS and ASD are also linked by Chiari malformation, which has not been ruled out for me yet, due to inadequate NHS testing:

  11. From accessing my genome through 23andme I discovered multiple ASD SNP mutations, methylation problems - known to be an issue with ASD, MTHFR mutations which are known to be linked to ASD, specific PEX7 gene mutation which is known to be implicated in ASD.


Think about all the stress and effort I have been put to, over a space of years, and the money I have had to spend to obtain some of this information to prove to SPFT that I am autistic because of their negligence and corruption, to try to make them comply with the law and my rights - which they have doggedly refused to do, even in the face of all this.

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