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This website account purposely does not identify me.  The wrongdoers will know exactly who I am of course.  Not only am I a very private person, but I'm not the culprit in this saga, therefore I deserve to maintain my privacy and some of the information on the website is sensitive.  Even more importantly, if I identified myself, it would identify my children and their privacy and wellbeing is paramount.  The issue is the lies, corruption and cover-up which need exposing, hence I name names and show evidence.  This website is about shining a large light on a very serious issue, which I have tried every other avenue to resolve, over a space of years.  I was left with no choice but to go public.  They thought they could bully me, bad-mouth me and falsely label me and that I would just go away, that they'd get away with it.  It hasn't just affected myself, it has affected my whole family.  There will be others they have failed to diagnose and these people may have faced injustices and discrimination the same way I have.  Because of this, I offer a contact method because when people join forces to expose corruption, those in power have to start listening.

One thing I do want to say (and this may surprise many), is that although it took time to do,I have forgiven all of those who have lied, maligned me and harmed me in this horrible saga. I'm not going to bear grudges or carry bitterness around, that would only harm me more.  What they have done has changed my life for the worse, in many ways, but I still forgive them.  They will have to answer their maker one day and until then, they have to look themselves in the mirror knowing what they have done. And this website isn't about revenge, but about truth and exposure. I will always speak out about injustice and corruption and maybe this will help others in the same situation.

Ultimately, aside from what I have already been put through, I continue to be legally entitled to autism-related care by offering of a tailored Autism Care Pathway and this website also exists for the pursuit of my rights to appropriate healthcare. Autism is for life.

Privacy Notice

  • Names do not constitute personal data as per Harcup v Yorkshire Forward (EA/2007/0058)

  • Names on this website are either in the public domain already and/or are in a senior role, which means they have no reasonable expectation of privacy anyway.

  • Disclosing of names is done under legitimate interest, as is evident from the website content, in accordance with Article 6 GDPR (1)(f) but also other clauses apply such as (d) and (e).

  • All statements made are to the best of my knowledge true and where necessary, evidence is provided (where it is not provided it nonetheless exists).

  • There is also public interest in this information because of autistic legal rights, commentary on NHS failings and the publicly funded ombudsman service which is failing complainants.

  • Photos used of people are already in the public domain and the same applies.


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