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Parliamentary & Health Service Ombudsman (PHSO) Exposed (Book)

In 2013 I joined PHSOthefacts pressure group, a group of ordinary people who had all suffered the corruption of not only the public body (in most cases the NHS) they had complained about, but also PHSO.

After trying every possible way to hold PHSO to account, finding out even the police wouldn't do their job and press charges for criminal activity by ombudsman staff, we continue to expose them on social media. Della Reynolds the coordinator of PHSOthefacts, has recently put together this book, a collection of her excellent blog posts from and over a period of years, along with seventeen case studies and a lot more besides. This book is so comprehensive and very well-researched, it goes into the entire history of the PHSO and how it is corrupt-by-design. Della can be found on Twitter here: @phsothefacts

ISBN-10: 1999929152 ISBN-13: 978-1999929152

It is over 550 pages of truth and will tell anyone who is considering taking their complaint to PHSO not to bother, to sue the public body instead. My case is on pages 127-135 of the book and it can be bought from Amazon. Price varies between £10-£15 depending on whether they are applying a discount. It has all five star reviews.

It's notable that out of the seventeen case studies in the book, three are autistic people who have been failed. Please see pages 47-53 (Anon) and pages 54-57 (James Wilkins). That's 17.65%. I wonder if that correlates with PHSO complaints as a whole...

Rob Behrens the ombudsman stated in a 2018 interview with DAC Beachcroft:

Interesting that Mr Behrens doesn't see himself as championing complainants cases, because the international Ombudsman Institute, which PHSO is a member of, states:

"The role of the ombudsman is to protect the people against violation of rights, abuse of powers, unfair decisions and maladministration. Ombudsman institutions play an increasingly important role in improving public administration while making the government's actions more open and its administration more accountable to the public."

But then, reading the book will tell you, PHSO is totally biased towards the NHS or other public body, ignores complainant evidence, arbitrarily decides which if any standard it will use, ignores the law, scopes complaints beyond recognition into something else and more.

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