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My Autism Tests & Research Participation (More Proof!)

Aside from the raft of eight differential tests done by Dr Arthur when I was clinically diagnosed with Asperger's, the Adult Autism Assessment (AAA) incorporating the AQ and the EQ administered during my earlier non-clinical ASD assessment (both of which confirmed I have Asperger's), I have taken multiple tests over the years which all show I am autistic. I have also submitted myself as a research participant. Here are my results:

The Aspie Quiz which I took on 20.5.12:

The Bem Sex Role Inventory (BSRI), by Sandra Bem, assesses masculinity and femininity and I took this test in November 2012. Despite being outwardly feminine, my internal state is almost on the cusp of masculine, to the far side of androgynous. I also took another brain gender test which I will edit to include when I find it, as this also scored me for having a male brain (more male than my husband's in fact). "The extreme male brain theory of autism" research article:

The RITVO Autism Asperger Diagnostic Scale Revised (RAADS-R) taken 30.12.12, which I scored 192.0 in and the threshold for suspected ASD is 65.0, the average score for autistic females is 174.1 and for autistic males 157.1:

The following is a screenshot from an email I sent to Prof Hugo Critchley's secretary, after my assessment but before they released my final assessment report, bear in mind that they had used not a single clinical test at either of my assessments and this is a validated clinical tool. At my assessment with Critchley, he had dismissed all the self tests I had brought along, on the basis that they were not validated tests. But he didn't discuss any of the results with me and these tests were valid personal and relevant information that should have contributed to the assessment.

Synaesthesia test taken on 3.11.15, synaesthesia is more common in autistics (I also took a synaesthesia test as part of a University of Sussex research in early November 2015, they confirmed I have synaesthesia for days of the week):

"How Autistic Are You" Channel 4 Programme with Anna Richardson on 28.4.17, as you can see I scored over 3 points higher than the average autistic female for sensory, rock bottom four points below the average autistic female for social interaction:

Here I scored slightly less than the average autistic female - and I know why, I struggle to organise myself (despite scoring high on the systemising quotient) because I have AD(H)D. I score overall significantly higher than the average autistic female and way higher than the average neurotypical female.

NB I have always scored between 43-50 on the AQ every time I have taken it.

This page is a work in progress and more information will be added in due course.

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