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Sussex Partnership NHS Trust ~ Gross Failings

Just a selection of many articles available from an internet search for the period 2010-2020, right up until the present day. These involve deaths, so are more extreme failings. But as SPFT can't even get it right with suicidal and dangerous people, how on earth are they going to get it right for diagnosing autism! In fact, I just found one of their 2017 "Partnership Matters" newsletters in which their Worthing clinic lead Bettina Stott (the person who they told me would reassess me in 2014, before they reneged and lied to me) says: "At the moment I think staff are a little bit scared of autism and I want to change that." (P21). I don't know about scared of it, in my experience they are incompetent at it. HSJ has a list of failings here, including large fines.

Interestingly, the newsletter also says: "That’s where Bettina Stott comes in. She is the Trust’s only Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC) specialist practitioner." (P20). So as that's the case, they are admitting the Neurobehavioural clinic in Brighton where they send so many adults to be assessed (and who failed to diagnose me - twice), is not ASD specialist. When I looked into the NBC clinic's ASD training, they appeared to have pretty much none. Yet SPFT doggedly relied on their supposed expertise (I have this in writing) as the reason to refuse the reassessment (they had already told me I would get and then lied that I had misunderstood).

8th July 2020 death of 52yo woman (Ruth Cox) with drinking problems, eating disorder and mental health issues leading to several suicide attempts and stints in hospital, SPFT was told by Ruth she was suicidal, they fobbed her off with some tablets, SPFT was warned by her sister

"Sussex woman found weeks after her death – and her family was allowed into her maggot-infested flat"

26th February 2020 14yo boy commits suicide following SPFT CAMHS negligence (Lauruell Clarke)

"Lauruell Clarke's mother says he was 'not taken seriously' by mental health service"

6th December 2019 suicide of (John Ashley), 57yo deterioration, neglect of mental health needs, a failure to provide him with the additional level of care he required

"Coroner concludes neglect following inquest of John Ashley"

25th November 2019 a sequence of serious failures relating to staffing, leadership and safeguarding processes led to death of 26yo woman (Bethany Tenquist)

"Inquest concludes serious failures contributed to self-inflicted death of Beth Tenquist"

14th June 2019 SPFT fined £200k after a "grossly psychotic" suicidal teenager in its care was found dead (Jamie Osborne)

"Sussex Partnership NHS Trust fined for failing Lewes Prison inmate"

17th May 2018 Sectioned 21yo woman escaped SPFT secure unit and was murdered hospital (Janet Müller)

"Trust boss apologises for care failings of student found dead after fleeing hospital"

6th July 2017 SPFTs gross failures in providing basic care, amounting to neglect after only 4 hours in their care she was dead (Sabrina Walsh, 32yo)

"Jury finds gross failures and neglect contributed to the death of a vulnerable detained patient in Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust ward"

14th March 2017 SPFTs Langley Green Hospital failed to safeguard multiple patients against abuse, nurses were accused of collusion and covering-up errors, at least three deaths

"Damning report into failings of psychiatric hospital in Crawley"

18th October 2016 SPFTs failings towards ten people, nine of whom went on to commit murder

"Review of 10 killings shows mental health trust's failings"

8th October 2016 Roger Goswell stabbed wife Susan and then killed himself SPFT failed to take action over his threats to kill his wife

"‘My mum died in vain’, says son of woman killed by mentally ill husband"

July 2014 report of 2012 incident Mr P killed Mr M in a stabbing whilst in SPFT care, SPFT had failed to Section Mr P and did nothing about his weapons (cached version of PDF).

4th December 2010 SPFT failings leading to several deaths including Susannah Anley, John Blair and (Police Sargent) Richard Bexhell

"Sussex Partnership Trust admitted liability" (FOIA)

4th September 2010 Mr Z, under the care of SPFT for mental health issues (paranoid, anxious, depressed, child abuse survivor with substance misuse issues), killed Mr X

"Independent Investigation Into the Care and Treatment Provided to Mr. Z by the Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust"

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