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The Evidence ~ Read it and Weep (4/6)

Herewith is all you need to see (it's far from being all the proof I have and more will be added in due course), to evidence complete failings in duty of care, breaches of multiple laws, corruption, cover-up, collusion and malicious character assassination. These evidences are all scanned hard copy email and document extracts and screenshots from emails, in .jpg format. This is our 'great British NHS', the type of people they not only employ in so-called caring roles, but whose dishonest and abusive behaviour they actively condone and encourage, irrespective of the harm they cause. The Parliamentary Health Services Ombudsman (PHSO) will clearly go to great lengths to hide the wrongdoing of the public bodies it 'investigates'. The establishment protects itself. Networking with other complainants, has proven that I am far from alone in suffering this toxic cocktail of EVIL all the way to the very top of the complaints process. And as you see the evidence of their lies, remember this:

The NHS Constitution document, Section 3(b) under legal duties:


20.6.12 email to the SPFT employee who had sent me the QA form, proving this was the point at which it triggered me to start researching how autism assessments should be done and that my complaint to PHSO was not out-of-time:


Proof that Claire King, PALS was arranging an ASD reassessment is here, which shows that (seen further down this page) she was lying through her teeth to me when she said she hadn't meant an ASD reassessment but a mental health assessment!! All to help them cover-up of course.


21.11.12 Email from Rebecca Simpson admitting the NBC are managing people they don't diagnose, vulnerable people, to accept the ASD assessment outcome when they don't diagnose them. Totally unethical and corrupt, bearing in mind they are failing to diagnose autistics and (were, at least then) conducting substandard assessments! NHS NICE CG142 says they have to inform people of their right to another opinion if the person or their family disagree with the outcome! This email also proves again that Simpson was initially assisting getting me a reassessment and this concurs with what I was told.


26.11.12 Two different internal emails from ASD Clinic Manager Bettina Stott in Worthing, confirming to multiple colleagues (including Claire King, PALS!) that she will book me into her January 2013 clinic for an ASD assessment, which is what I had been told on the phone by Claire King and in person by Rebecca Simpson (notice in the first email, they are arranging a 3rd opinion for another person and yet the funding panel refused me a reassessment on the basis that the NBC had already given me two opinions, even though both assessments were clinically substandard and the 2nd was not independent - and despite me having already been promised one) which proves they were treating me less favourably than others (I'm not paranoid, so I don't think it was anything about me personally, it simply additionally proves corruption and cover-up):


26.11.12 The same day as she was first notified by email and therefore first learned about my reassessment being arranged, an internal email was sent (about 3 hours later) by Anne Walker, speech and language therapist who works with Critchley and Medford at the NBC, to Lucy Steiner, Rebecca Simpson, Claire King PALS etc. It's extremely suspicious that Anne Walker would phone Lucy Steiner who was involved in the reassessment being arranged, as Walker was only indirectly involved and copied in for information. In my view she warned Hugo Critchley and it is highly likely as a result, Critchley told her to call and dissuade them from going ahead with it. It made no odds to Walker whether I was reassessed or not and the people she emailed, already knew I had been assessed at the NBC - that was the whole point! But it did matter to Critchley, as his negligence would be uncovered. She also refers to supposed "presenting difficulties" that I did not have and (unnecessary!) anxiety treatment is not the same as autism support! In the remainder of the email, she completely disagrees with the ASD assessment being offered, tells recipients a variety of excuses as to why I shouldn't be reassessed (seemed to inexplicably be trying very hard to persuade them, clearly on Critchley's behalf), including that she also works in the Worthing clinic as well as the Brighton one (if I ever met her I don't recall her, so this was entirely fallacious anyway) and this is the email that put a complete stop to the whole reassessment process. Stating that there is "no chance" I would receive a diagnosis (the result would be a foregone conclusion in other words, much like it was with the assessments I'd had 3 years before) of course is impossible for her to state, unless there is diagnostic corruption:

"Throw a spanner in the works". Is that how you describe shutting down and preventing an ASD assessment, leaving someone without diagnosis of their condition? Clearly Hugo Critchley did not want his clinic undermined, or his personal (non-existent as it transpires) expertise questioned. This is even more evident from not only what the NBC manager told my advocate on the phone (see the evidence in my post "The QA Questionnaire & Next Steps"), but the fact that Alison Rhodes emailed Claire King on 28.1.13 to ask her to obtain Critchley's opinion as to why the funding panel should not agree for a reassessment - Critchley is one of the psychiatrists who failed to diagnose me following substandard assessments, so how unethical and corrupt is that! The panel are supposed to be unbiased and base their decisions on evidence and patient need! The application was submitted because of the previous assessments being unfit-for-purpose, so how could the panel rely on one of the offending doctors to make their decision! And note the last sentence in this extract: "As long as anything that looks even vaguely like an ASC is taken into account when providing this package, she is getting what she needs." So they admit they were refusing to provide what I need! An Autism Care Pathway is required in law to be offered to all autistic adults.


14.12.12 Claire King (PALS), who clearly hadn't been told by clinical colleagues that they had shut down the reassessment (oops), emailed me that I would be having the AS assessment in January 2013. My whole PALS complaint was only about the NBC refusing to see me again for an Asperger's assessment, (but she later lied to me that she meant for a mental health assessment - which from the evidence above - Rebecca Simpson's email of 21.11.12 recommending the ASD assessment be arranged and Bettina Stott's 2 emails of 26.11.12, plus Rebecca Simpson's emails to me of 1.11.12 and 6.11.12 confirming it, can clearly be seen as a lie). Rebecca Simpson and co had forgotten to tell her that they had decided to shut it down, in the November!!


17.1.13 Email from Rebecca Simpson as proof that: (1) SPFT were aware of the point in time at which I first became aware that there was anything wrong with the NBC assessments - PHSO refused to accept my evidence on this and used arbitrary caseworker opinion to totally rescope the investigation based on this, and (2) that an ASD reassessment was promised* to me and being arranged, because Bettina Stott is clinical lead manager at the Worthing ASD Clinic (along with maintaining the utter falsehood that I was mentally-ill which was being used as a cover-up hence the term "need to stay engaged" as they had already shut down the reassessment two months before, so were now well into concocting their cover-story) The 'clarification' she refers to, is about their concocted idea to lie to me that I had 'misunderstood' (their lies about me being mentally unwell helped with this tactic). PHSO made a false statement (criminal perjury) in their final report, that it was very clear that I was not offered an ASD reassessment and it wasn't reneged on.


25.1.13 Claire King, who clearly had now been told by Rebecca Simpson when chasing her as to the date of my Asperger's assessment in Worthing, that they had shut it down, now emails me lying to me that I had 'misunderstood' and that she had meant a mental health assessment! More proof they were falsely labelling me and trying to treat me for non-existent mental health issues as a cover-up, people don't get sent out-of-area for a general mental health assessment and until they told me I would be assessed in Worthing for Asperger's, I didn't even know there was an ASD clinic there! They didn't bank on me doing an SAR and seeing their internal emails proving what they did. I rang her to discuss her email, during which I got the name of who was responsible for agreeing funding for referrals (Alison Rhodes). This email, which was sent 25.1.13, a month BEFORE the first funding panel sat and clearly states that specialist services (the same department that deal with funding panels!) would not allow me to be reassessed for ASD, PROVES that the funding panels were a sham and never intended to agree to funding. It is the exact same reason as the funding panels gave for refusing funding AND shows that they relied on the very same person's opinion whose substandard assessment resulted in no diagnosis, to justify why I couldn't have a reassessment!! This is shocking. As can be seen, reference is made to a letter from Critchley dated 25.9.12 and the funding panels were in February and March 2013! (Here's one he wrote on 13.9.12 which I have annotated and as PALS always do, they just regurgitate what the offending clinician says).


30.1.13 Internal email from Rebecca Simpson to her manager Lucy Steiner and colleagues including PALS, admitting she had told me I would be reassessed for ASD and wondering what the heck she will do, now that they are shutting it down. It's very obvious, this was the only reason they went through the process of allowing me to have an application submitted to the funding panel, because they knew I had already been told I would be reassessed - and that this was therefore purely for appearances! As stated above, they had already stated months before the funding panel that they wouldn't reassess me because of Critchley's opinion!


30.1.13 Internal email reply from Lucy Steiner to Rebecca Simpson et al, realising they couldn't wriggle out of it as Simpson had already told me I would get the reassessment.


4.2.13 Screenshot of email to me from Alison Rhodes (copied into PALS also) that the panel decision would be based on the application written by Rebecca Simpson (as well as stating the lie she had been told about Nick Medford not being present, at what was not an independent 2nd opinion, regardless) and I had later found out through SAR that Simpson had written nasty lies about me on the application to discredit me! So this ensured the panel were biased against agreeing from the outset, being distracted by the lies (Simpson admitted in email that the application she did for me, was based on the previous clinical opinions of the NBC, saying she was "bound by" their opinions!).


February 2013 Copy of excerpted part of P5 of the funding panel application made by Rebecca Simpson (I got a copy of the whole thing through a PHSO SAR, the same application full of lies about me, which she refused to give me a copy of herself when I asked, clearly for that reason) and sent to PHSO, again proving the date of my awareness of the issues with the NBC assessments (PHSO had a copy of this on their files and totally ignored this evidence!):


7.3.13 Email to me from Rebecca Simpson admitting that she is bound by the opinions of the NBC, which proves that the application she had written for me (which she always refused to give me a copy of) to the February funding panel contained her statement that I do not have Asperger's syndrome, so was not supportive of my reassessment - because it had already been shut down!


8.3.13 Email from me to Rebecca Simpson about me having chased up for CBT (something unconnected with my AS), which I had been waiting on the list almost two years for - proving SPFTs lies that I had refused to engage and that I had refused all support unconnected to autism - it was them that didn't give me the appointment!


15.4.13 Email from Rebecca Simpson to ex-GP with vicious, unprofessional comments about me. Just one example of how she was bad-mouthing me behind my back, whilst feigning kindness to my face. This was all part of her ever increasingly exaggerated lies about me being anxious, which grew exponentially from "anxiety", to "crippled with anxiety" (I was successfully home-educating two special needs children with a fully LA-endorsed provision, running a home and supporting my husband's business) and "a very unwell woman" - all with me not even being under their service for anything, not seeing any clinicians and her having received multiple copies of an ASD assessment report diagnosing me with Asperger's and clearly stating I had been tested and had NO mental illness!


21.5.13 Email excerpts x 2 from MIND advocate on discussion he had with NBC manager (autism care pathway provision is required in law) and (falsely) claiming they don't have to follow NHS NICE Guidance CG142 either:

...and that SPFT were saving face in not recognising my ASD diagnosis, in absolute breach of all NHS duties of care towards patients:


24.9.13 Email from Claire King PALS to Rebecca Simpson and all the Neurobehavioural Clinic staff including one of the psychiatrists who failed to diagnose my Asperger's at the 2nd opinion, Hugo Critchley, informing them that PHSO was totally on their side! This proves collusion and bias by PHSO!

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